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Unschooling 101

Course overview

Do you feel like the public education system is failing your children?

Did your child lose that spark that used to be in their eyes when they were talking about or learning something new?


Do you feel like there must be a better way? 

When my oldest son was in kindergarten I felt that way too. I started to research better ways. Ways where he could stay interested and directed in his own learning. I found it with Unschooling.

We have been living this life now for 13 years and I am passionate about showing families how they also can live this life of freedom, adventure and joy with their own children!

Are you ready to dive in?

As a certified coach as well as a Heal Your Life teacher, I bring this course deeper than anything else you will find out there. I will be your personal coach, guiding you along the way and you will have a built in support system.

We will learn all about what Unschooling looks like, I will answer the common questions and concerns people tend to have but we will also do some inner healing work as I have found that this is the biggest block people have to living a more free and harmonious life with their kids (and themselves!) 


Week #1: Building Confidence

We’ll talk about what Unschooling is, what it looks like, it’s history and my own story into it. 

We’ll journey through the top 3 fears parents have when choosing this route and learn how to re-educate ourselves.


An assignment and opportunity for you to for the week will be about creating the life you love and starting to build your confidence and community. 

Week #2: Letting Go

In this exciting week we’ll be covering de-schooling and letting go of conventional rules so we can live a life with more freedom and trust in our children.

Responding to family and friends can be difficult to some so exploring that as well as providing some sample responses will prove to be helpful. 

We’ll end the week with an activity to help you and your children strengthen your intuition. 

Your assignment will be about healing your inner child and you’ll get to practice some of the new skills learned this week! 

Week #3: Creation 

This week is all about building community within this lifestyle and ending with some forgiveness work. 

This work is important to help you heal from anything that is keeping you blocked from living this extraordinary life and being able to let go of some of your triggers and pain. 

Having been doing this for 13 years as well as holding workshops this is some of the most important work we can do, especially when choosing this new way of living! 

You will be held, supported and loved throughout this entire journey. 

Who wants to feel 10 pounds lighter? 

Let’s drop some of that heavy weight shall we?!

Week #4: Nurturing 

Our final week I have dedicated to care of the self and the individuals within the family unit. 

Discussion will be around nurturing the needs of the family as well as how to properly care for yourself. This journey requires a lot of awareness, healing and energy so making sure you’re taking the best care of yourself as you can is paramount to your success.

We’ll wrap it up with some self love work and creating a new vision for this next chapter of your life. One where you feel empowered, light, free and living in so much love and joy with your children. 

We will have a private Marco Polo group where we can stay connected, share our wins, our stories and bring any questions to the group.

 This is a place where we can talk about the assignments, opportunities and anything that is coming up for you. 

There is no better time than NOW to get started. What are you waiting for?

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Investment in your family: $111

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"I took this course. [Unschooling 101] It was amazing and completely prepared me for making a decision for my children this fall that was stress free and comfortable for all of us. I wish that my friends who are stressed and scared right now had listened to me and taken this course. This course allowed me to move through my own control issues around school and education without projecting on my kids. I felt completely supported and I had a neutral sounding board to reflect back what I could not see. The coaching that comes with it adds so much value."

~ Course Participant

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