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A Toolbox for Anxiety Free Living​

If you are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or depression this course is for you! 

I devoted enormous amounts of time, energy and money into healing myself from debilitating anxiety, sever panic attacks, bouts of depression and learned the tools needed to get to the other side. I know you can too!

If you follow the tools in this course and the accompanying book, make it a priority, be consistent and stick with it, in 30 days you will be well on your way back from the darkness and straight into the light. 

There is no magic pill or bullet. The work needs to be done by you and through you. You need to make the commitment and be consistent. There is inner healing to be done and self love to be nurtured.

There is a life of peace, joy, abundance and love just on the other side of fear. I am reaching out my hand, I hope you will grab it.

I can't wait to see the new version of you on the other side. I believe in you so much!

The course includes a daily video and often times links to articles, videos or meditations that go along with the specific day. Each day also includes a mood gauge questionnaire to help keep track of how you are feeling, what is working and where you might want to focus in future. It's important to fill this out in the morning and the evening! 

Each days content should take you no more than 15 minutes to get through with the exception of a couple of days that require a longer commitment. If you commit and follow through and connect with the group I know that by the end of 30 days you will feel so much better! 

Included in the course is coaching with me through the Marco Polo app (optional) to keep in touch so be sure to fill out our email and phone number when signing up. Your phone number will only be used to connect you to Marco Polo and nothing else while email will be added to my email list to stay in touch! 

Investment in yourself: $111

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