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Hi, I'm Holly! 

I am a devoted mother of 2 incredible boys.  We currently reside near Edmonton, AB, Canada.

My own journey to self-love started with a diagnosis of an "incurable" disease after my second son was born.  This one moment lead me down a path to my own inner and outer transformation that was so incredible I felt a calling to be a teacher of self-love and inner healing.  

Louise Hay's work and affirmations were an integral part to my own healing and so it was divine timing when I saw an ad for workshop leader training happening in my own home town ~ I knew I was being guided by something much bigger than myself and signed up right away.  It was 8 days that would forever change my life ~ again! 

That was just the beginning! I then went through a nervous system breakTHROUGH that led me to do deeper healing, write my first book and become a certified coach. 

As a Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Teacher & Woman's Empowerment Coach, I help women discover their power and purpose by healing the blocks that stop them from living an extraordinary life guided by intuition. 

I live and breathe this work! I have always felt an inner knowing that teaching people how to create the life of their dreams was what I was meant to do. My goal is a lofty one ~ teaching people the tools to heal the themselves so that we can in turn heal the Earth and all its inhabitants. 

I regularly dig deeper into my own self development work, hiring my own coaches & taking professional training to ensure I can show up and serve my clients in the very best way.

I create a space of non judgment and love. I hope I can be a part of your own path to healing and awakening!  
If I can answer an questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 



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