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My thoughts, ideas and general rumblings of my mind I need to release

This moment, right now, you will never get back

June 5th, 2019 

As I sit here, reading a book I look up and see my boys also reading a book. They look so happy. So content. Just being. 

I always try to remember that this moment, the one right now, is all we ever really are guaranteed. 

Instead of trying to figure out your entire lifetime, who to spend it with, which friends to carry with you, which job can sustain you or what diet will keep you alive forever, just stay in this moment.

All that other stuff, the over thinking, it creates toxic stress in your body. It keeps you unhappy and unhealthy. 

The truth is we don't know what will happen in the next moment. I don't believe that every choice we make is one we were meant to stay with forever necessarily. Life is so short. So fleeting. There isn't enough time to stay with something just because someone else told you you should or out of fear. Our lives have seasons and what was meant for one season may not need to be carried into the next. Stay open. 

With growth comes change. If you want to grow you need to accept the change. Don't fear it.

Listen to that inner calling. That inner knowing. When it is your time to go, do it with as few regrets as possible.

All I know right now, in this moment, is that when I look at my boys and I look out to the sky, I am happy. 

What more could I ask for?

Standing for what is right, even if standing alone

May 13, 2019 

In grade 10 some guy said to me as I walked into math class in a pair of brand new shorts, "wow, those legs are so white they are blinding me!" 

I didn't show my legs again for 20 years.

Looking back on that it seems like such a ridiculous thing and as I was walking today in my sleeveless, knee length dress I was thinking about how if someone said that today I would laugh about it and keep wearing whatever the f@#$ I want to wear. It wouldn't bother me at all.

Back then though I was full of fear. Scared of rejection. Scared to be noticed. Too shy to even speak. I would skip class if I had to do a presentation and be throwing up at home at the thought of it. I wouldn't go back to class until I knew we were so far off that topic now I wouldn't be asked to do it. 

I was terrified to even move in my desk for fear of being noticed. I would sit as still as I could that by the end of class my whole body was numb and I would wait until everyone else left so they wouldn't see me stumble out. 

That girl was silenced. So beaten down by societies standards and teachers opinions of her that she was scared to even show up. So unsure of who she was she tried to remain invisible so those around her would be pleased. So they would know she was tamed. 

I hated school, skipping every chance I got. I wore dark make up and dyed my hair, all so I could pretend to fit in. 

What I realize now and I work on with my inner child regularly is that I wasn't meant to fit in. I never really fit any sort of mold. My opinions have always been my own and following "authority" because somewhere some law says I should was never my bag. 

I have very high moral and ethical standards. I believe people, all people, have the right to choose what works best for them. 

I don't believe all laws should be followed and many are created to keep us down. To keep us silent.

That isn't me anymore. I will stand for what I think is right, even if I stand alone. The world needs people to stand up. For it's people to know their value. Their worth. The worth determined by their inner compass, not someone else's. 

Today I will show my white and sometimes hairy legs whenever I damn well please. Look away if you must but I will never turn away from my own soul ever again.

Is the glass really half empty or full?

May 1st, 2019

Whatever you repeat in your mind regularly is what becomes true. Pay attention to your thoughts. 

The first step to changing them is to notice them coming up. When you begin this you might only catch one out of every hundred or even thousand and that is perfect. Catch that one and change it right away and then repeat it at least 100 times a day. 

Start with the affirmation "I am willing to change" or "I am willing to release all resistance." Before affirmations or new and more positive thought patterns can really seep in, you have to be willing to release whatever it is that is keeping you stuck. Then move on to switching that negative thought into a positive. 

So say you have the thought, "the world is such an awful place!" Replace it first with saying one of the above affirmations allowing yourself to open to new possibilities. Say that one 100 times, in the mirror if you can!

Then change your thought to, "Everywhere I go, I find so much love in the world!" Say that everyday, at least 100 times, preferably much more! That might sound like a lot but how many times do you think in the negative? You have to reprogram that thought sequence and start overriding it with the positive thought more than the negative one. 

Keep at it and you will start to notice the good in the world. You will BE the good in the world. You'll start to notice it in little ways and then it will snowball until you can't go anywhere without seeing the good. 

This is the space where your world and your life will change! <3 

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Stony Plain, AB

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